Q: If I don’t have a wine cellar, what’s the best way to store my wine?

A: We understand! You want to make sure our wines taste as fresh as possible and are stored in the correct conditions prior to opening. Whilst our wines can and do benefit from laying down to rest (cellaring), we also produce wines that are designed for immediate consumption. With a focus on softer tannins, more body and viscosity, we would suggest holding on to these wines for a maximum of 2-5 years after purchase. Light-free environment, between 58-60 oF, vibration free storage and free of fluctuating temperatures are ideal conditions for wine development.

Q: How can I preserve leftover wine?

A: Whilst there are many preservation-methods, we would suggest investing in a Coravin device if you know you are only seeking to pour between 2oz to 5oz glasses infrequently. http://www.coravin.com

If you plan on opening a bottle and consuming over a period of three days, simply put the bottle in the fridge between consumption. Allow 25-40 mins for the wine to come to room-temperature to enjoy its full expression.

Q: Should I serve wine warm or cold?

A: This is purely subjective and entirely up to your own personal preferences. We would make this recommendation based on the season. If it is 90F outside, we would suggest placing the reds in the refrigerator for 15 minutes prior to serving. This allows the wines to chill down to cellar-temperature prior to consumption. Once open, in hot summer weather the wines will naturally grow to room-temperature rather quickly. Thus, cooling fuller-bodied wines like our Cabernet Sauvingon, will preserve the fruit-forward profile and density of the body. Lighter-bodied wines like our Pinot Noir, are in fact ideal served chilled. In the Fall/Winter months, we would suggest servicing at room temperature for a warming, heartier experience.

Q: What food does the wine pair with?

A: Another personal preference! For our Cabernet Sauvignon we would definitely recommend steaks, meat-boards, cheese, burgers and fries, pasta, etc. For our Pinot Noir, think lighter dishes such as Tapas, Meze, Greek Salad, Nachos, Pizza, Sushi, etc.